What's In Store For Windows And Doors: 2019

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    With 2018 behind us, it’s time to consider all of the possibilities that the new year may hold. When thinking about 2019, are there any personal goals, professional aspirations, or lifestyle changes that you would like to make? As many of us begin our journey to self-improvement, it’s only natural that aspects of our homes should follow suit! At Select Windows, Inc., we’ve been researching the latest design and efficiency trends to help amplify your living space:


    When replacing windows, it’s important to consider how they will complement their surroundings. Shape, material, and style are all influential factors, and the latest design trends allow for both customization and functionality. Not only that, but many options are now energy-efficient. Square and horizontal windows are some of the most sought-after models today, for they offer a formal and simple touch to any home. Combined with glass or tempered glass, natural light intake also improves. Tempered glass is extremely resistant, so it makes a great material for window, door, or gate design. With clarity and resilience to scratches or damages, it also helps maintain ideal indoor temperature to keep homes dry and comfortable. Also known for their strength, durability, and low maintenance are aluminum windows. It is one of the easiest materials to get and work with, and is also one of the most economic. For a similar look with improved energy efficiency, consider installing vinyl.

    Popular for bathrooms or master showers, the prairie-style window incorporates double-paned and decorative glass. This adds natural light while maintaining privacy and energy efficiency. For additional visual appeal, blacksmith windows add a rustic look. Made out of iron, these windows combine quality and durability to last a lifetime. Sliding windows are a top choice when it comes to versatility, as they can be added to nearly any space in the home and are often used to replace traditional door designs. After deciding which windows are best for your needs, the next step is properly accenting them. Think jewel or neutral tonesnatural materials like bamboo or matchstick blinds, and geometric-patterned draperies.


    Front entry doors are often the most remodeled and curb-appealing, but different materials, styles, and colors can beautify any entrance. If concerned with home security, steel doors are considered the best choice. With 50% of market share, they’re one of the top-selling and cheapest options to install. Fiberglass is also known for its security, curb appeal, and low maintenance. Not susceptible to rusting, rotting, or decaying, it works great in tropical or humid climates. Either option can also withstand varying weather conditions like heavy wind or rain.

    For unique styles or sizing, wood is the best material. Easily customized, it can complement a wide variety of areas. In accenting traditional style homes, wood provides a rustic feel and distinctive charm whether it is indoors or outdoors. Dramatic effects can also be created by installing multi-slide doors. They are adaptable to interior and exterior environments, improve lighting, and have great resale value. Color can also enhance the look and feel of a doorway. Teal is seen as multi-seasonal, and shades of blue help create a feeling of calm, relaxation, positive energy, and encouragement – a perfect way to start the new year. Berry or other reds offer a playful element to the home as well as a sense of welcoming to guests, family, or friends. Variations of yellow, like caramel, allude to warmth and sunshine and form striking backdrops for wreaths and accents pieces.

    From replacing outdated windows and doors to crafting your dream home, our team at Select Windows, Inc. can help you find the perfect fit for any project this year. In operation for just over 25 years, we harness knowledge, hard work, and dedication in providing superior products and installation throughout all seasons. Give us a call today at (650) 941-0744, visit our website to learn more about the services we offer and brands we carry or like us on Facebook to view our recent work.